Ocean without a boat


A desert has no ocean and what water it has is drank by the cacti and animals.  Sometimes there is a rain and it becomes a flood.  Sometimes I feel I am thrown in the ocean without a boat or a compass without a direction.

Every decision I make pushes my boat (me) somewhere but where I know not.

I read today about no matter how great the coaches I have I really am on my own.  Sure I have the guidance from Heavenly Father if I only listen.  When I think about it He is my coach Through obedience I gain knowledge.  God’s grace is with me but I need to do my part.  ” a horse prepared for the day of battle, but victory comes from the Lord.

No one can eat on my behalf .”it is true tat no one can take action on my behalf.”  No one else can do it for you.  Unless you take action nothing will change.

Mahatma Gandhi said, ” Be the change you wanna see in the world”

“Be the kind of person you desire to be and shake the world.  Do not sit and dream all the day long about what you want to become.  I have known of people that just watched the tv and just waited to die. Go out there and make some progress for we know that there are no short cuts to success.”  “Let history not say you were a person with great dreams but let the next generation read that you were a person with great action.”  “Make life large” “Make tiny twitches to make big changes”

Life can be dry and feel lost, hopeless sometimes.  But like the desert there is life and there will be the cool of night. We need to know that someone cares.  There is.  There is a new day and light beyond the darkness.  Reach out He is there.  When you walk into a dark room you switch on the light switch.  By switching on the light by helping others we become a person with hope spreading hope in a hopeless world.  We shine and become a lighthouse for others and tell the world that we have the right to be here.

game: hA HA: everyone lays on the ground.  Have everyone state ha and then ha, ha, and each time increase the ha ha and before you know it everyone is laughing.  Laughter is good for the soul.  (as a note write down 5 things you are grateful for for others in the future when we are gone will be encouraged and know others had a tough time too and how to over come this: this too will pass.  We did live through this and you will too)

Egg day: Boiled eggs for breakfast.  Egg salad sandwich for lunch and supper.you can change the salad by adding cheese, celery, and or pickles.  Bread and butter pickles is a nice change from pickle relish in the salad.  Your favorite dressing added and add your favorite bread and la ha a great and cheap way to go for a meal.  Remember you can add lettuce at the last touch too.

parenting: write down to each children in your handwriting how you feel about each one of them. How they are special.  Be sure to give each a hug and your spouse too.

Hoarding: Clean an area: goal keep that area clean thirteen days.  Then go to another area and do the same. Repeat.


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