Dark Shadows of dreams

140825_0013Are we caged or the others caged by this picture.  As a child I watched “Dark Shadows”.  I Do not remember the story line but all the secret passages in a castle was so fascinating.  Sometimes the dark shadows try to overwhelm us.  The darkness where we do not want to be.  Not that we want to do something bad; but, we feel so overwhelmed at the moment that there is no answer to our problem in plain site.

The moon and the stars (our goal} just will not show us a way.  Confusion dusts our reasoning and we want to scream and if we were that kind of person run down the street screaming at the top of our lungs: LEAVE ME ALONE.  Of course we do not want to be alone and we at these dark times need someone to reach out and lend a hand.  We are alone and we die alone and we are born alone.  For us that know of the spirit of Christ are never alone.  You may wonder why I stated both statements.  Well, I feel as a loving father would do sometimes He lets us fall but He is around to listen and to pick us up when it seems to us all is lost.  What you say he picks us up.  He sends his messengers (friends, family, people at church and even a one time stranger who will just listen to our lost words of dismay.

Ham day: You can mix ham with your scramble egg mix with a touch of cheese.  Or if you like a big giant piece on the side of fried eggs.  For lunch make egg salad sandwiches like the recipe I said in previous blog but add ham with it and walla ham salad.  For Dinner: A slice ham, Mash potatoes, and green beans with bacon.  Or you can dice ham if fixing for a crowd with diced potatoes and a salad.

Parenting: Don’t be afraid to ask your children for advice in small things you will be surprised in what they will come up with ideas.

Story starter:  Behold I looked and stepped out of my door and saw someone who looked like me.  I ran towards them and said,”

Yes we do need to be the person who makes the time to listen.                                      Yes the phone call can wait.  Yes the text can wait.                                                            We need to make for Heaven sake make time to listen.                                                      We can be a Hero for someone who has fallen and do not know how to get up.

Have a blessed day and may God bless you and keep you safe today


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