Complain complain complain yes the mountains we must bear we should remember there is someone else who has it harder than we realize and Wii fail who feel sorry because we have no shoes until we see someone without feet. We complain of having to do dishes I made a lady who was in a Nazi concentration camp she had no dishes

My poor basil it bloomed was so pretty but it was doomed because of my ignorance I wanted to dehydrate the leaves. I failed to realize that when I went to clean the container that I couldn’t pick it up to clean. I did not trim the tops and therefore it was too much root system and I killed the plant. Complaining is just like ignorance sometimes we don’t have all of the information so we complain we don’t know what to do or how to do it

sometimes we just need to get more information and be patient with ourselves. in all things there is a learning curve. We are not perfect but we should strive to be perfect which is our Heavenly Father in heaven. We do our best and our heavenly father will do the rest.

Complaining there is an endless wall is me about anything on this Earth I remember someone saying to me they were mad at me but I could not understand why she said it was because she was jealous of my faith she told me later about being friends .I thought I t was strange complain complain complain the endless word complain.

Yawp is a yep I complained two days ago I talked about screaming down the street yelping like a crazy person .we have those days those crazy days those moments when everything seems to go wrong. We need to take a deep breath walk go to the bathroom yes that was my escape when I wanted to scream

I love to shut the door with Mother ears and especially when my husband was at home when the kids were driving me crazy and my spouse

Oh I want to share a funny story I was going to take a nap I was pregnant at the time. Oh sure no problem was my husband reply. he was going to watch them. The next moment I heard a real loud Bang his dad with a frying pan on the head the frying pan was still hanging over the dad’s head as I awoke the dad was not a happy camper.

The day will sometimes be a disaster but remember there will be someone else worse off than us .oh that does not make me feel better you say .whatever the pain we have now, that too will pass .  you may have to pick yourself up by the pants and say I will have a better day ….that is the hard thing to do but it will give us character and teach us to be patient with others and our self.——

Tortilla day warm and fill your scrambled eggs with two parts mozzarella and one part cheddar and fill the tortilla with this mixture for lunch was supper filled with leftover meat and Fry the tortilla eat with your favorite salad with grated cheese.14930040630751684372747


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