Forgiveness a deep word


Forgiveness sometimes it’s easy to forgive others and other times it’s very a very hard we look into the eyes of those that hurt us and our blood boils and anger because someone harmed us. We are reminded to be a servant of others to grab ahold of love. I once read the best thing that you can do to an enemy is to be nice to them. It is like throwing coals on their heart.

The depth of forgiveness runs from the soul of our heart that we can forgive not only of others but of our self. Reaching out to our maker for guidance and strength and courage will give us the jubilant heart that we will not be bitter.—-

Sausage day… slice up some sausage and put it in a warm pan. Beat some eggs and grade up your favorite cheese and put both into the pan and gently stir.

For lunch slice long lengthwise the sausage; warm it up and put leftover mashed potatoes inside. Sprinkle cheese on top and put it in the microwave just long enough for the cheese to melt. For supper measure out rice for your family a small can of tomato sauce slice up sausage and get out some frozen broccoli the measurement for your family and then take the rise and brown it’s in some butter or shortening. After the rice is gently Brown add the tomato sauce water and cook until the rice is done. Sprinkle two parts mozzarella and cheddar cheese on top serve warm enjoy—–

For a game have each child write down a spelling word double check the spelling in the dictionary. Let each child call the word out to the other child and whoever guesses correctly gets the most points for the day.—–

Parenting… side by side let each child …  one at a wash dishes with you. Talk to them and ask them how their day was

Hoarding… Make sure that you take a picture. Analyze what the problem is and write down what the Solutions could be.

Like the deep hole in the picture we don’t know how endless it can be . … forgiveness can be endless to bring about bitterness or cheerful Glad Tidings of peace.



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