As I learn how to make better pictures and produce great products I stand amazed at what does sell.  There are times I do not sell anything.  I do remember as a waitress not making a tip.  Some do not know that waitresses at most do not make the minimum wage.  People assume that they do but as a whole they do not.  If they do not make tips they do not make enough to support their self.

Today I was reminded of Job.  He lost everything and asked the Lord basically why.  When he humbled himself, he begin to see the larger picture which we do not know at the time when dismay and discouragement happens.  Darkness surrounds us.  But when the light is turned on in a room all items can be seen even something that could be a stumbling block.  When there is light so much can be seen more in detail.  How great is that light.  When our lights go off in a storm it is best to ask for the Man upstairs for help: our heavenly Father.

Parenting: Again do not forget to give each child a special time.  Ask how his/her day is a   and this is a great start.  Never forget to tell them that you love them.

Bacon day.   cook your bacon until crisp.  The key is low heat and be sure to not walk off and watch it.  Crumble the bacon into your eggs and beat eggs.  Slice some thin cheese.  with some of the bacon grease or olive oil cook your eggs the way you like.

Find a board game that you would like to play with your family and set a day to play different games.  Let the children suggest one.

Hoarding: pray for an answer.  There may be some fasting to get the right answer.

story starter: Ouch, where are you going? I can not believe you…………………………….




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