Sometimes we walk the streets. Sometimes we go to the market. Sometimes we sit down at church or social gatherings. Sometimes we just want not to be invisible. Some of us dress fancy. Some of us have hair strange. Some of us want the newest fashion. Some of us walk another way just to be noticed and not be invisible. Some of us walk and nobody ever notices us.

We may be at the market and don’t even say hello. There are people with a tear drop in their eyes and needing a hug but nobody notices them because they are invisible.

A child a seiffener in the snow just died because he thought he was just invisible nobody cared to say hello. How many people need a smile or a gentle hello or just someone to make time to listen.

Have we forgotten to just listen and to care. Invisible are we truly invisible. One day I was selling some Goods and I wasn’t selling the right Goods that they wanted so they ran past me without a word because to them I was invisible. Were they afraid that I would try to talk them into something that they didn’t want.

Who makes the time .who takes the time to speak to the invisible .minutes equal hours hours equal days days equal months years go to centuries who will remember me on my tombstone am I just a name invisible like the character in the movies he was called No Name Was he invisible to.

This maybe the  time for the Invisibles to have a great day and have some meaning to this world because God created all. he loves every single one of us and gave us the example to love one another. Those that are trying to do good but it seems like there are others that won’t acknowledge and I say to them that won’t acknowledge your day will come to be invisible to because we all should strive to be the very best we can because it all comes back and bites Us in the end the bad that we do


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