A chicken knows

One day I was wondering what a chicken would do if I show them my pictures. I figured they would take a look and walk off or not pay attention. To my surprise both my hen and my rooster stared at each picture one after the other.

I just realized we need to spend more time watching and listening to each other. A chicken knows  the Simplicity of life it’s life is very short. It takes every light every Darkness never for granted. the Simplicity of life not to forget those that are around us ;you need that special light.20171022_183141

The Simplicity of life is the light that outshines the darkness and gives us the strength and the courage to do what is right.

Make the time to see the sunset and give extra hug to our loved ones. I am working on me ; so I’ll be in and out of  my blog; much hugs have a fantastic day.


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