I ought to do more.  I ought to be more.  I ought to be more cheerful.  I ought to be a shinning light to those around me.  I ought to adventure more.  I ought to not be so afraid of new things.  I ought not be so hard on myself because I do have the right to be here on this earth.  I ought to be more friendly and not be afraid to make new friends (when you are hurt by someone you may think all are that way) I ought to be more loving to those around me.

I ought to help more.  I ought to get in better shape and more healthier.  I ought to do so many things that I forget to be me; but who am I to others.  I think I am a good person but I ought to be my best anyway.  I ought to dream big.  Most of all I ought to forgive myself and others.  I think forgiving self is sometimes the harder.  Other times someone has wronged us so much that we do want to forgive but to get even.  If we think that we have made the first mistake if we think it we almost have done it.  The wise say if you think it you have done it already in your heart.  I guess it is then very wrong.

I guess ought is a very deep word that we should never take for-granted.  We ought to make time for others and we ought to be the shinny light because we never know who is watching us and be like us.

Chicken (or turkey day):  Left over you can mix it with your scramble eggs.  Then make a chicken salad sandwich and for the evening meal make chicken tacos.

game: strut miss Lucy all the day long:  Not sure where this came from.  Let me know if you know.  I played this when I was a child.  There are two rolls of children.  The one on the right starts and wiggles,dances or makes funny faces; then everyone sings: strut miss Lucy, strut miss Lucy, repeat about three times until the child gets to the end of the left line.  And the one on the left They copy the strut and the song continues the same.  The children can play this for a long time the challenge is to do something different each time.

craft: take elbow macaroni and string them.  measure them according to each person’s neck.  Make necklaces.  Then knot each.  A bone necklace.

hoarding: After you take a picture ask yourself:  Is this who I am and do I really need this?  Take three boxes and there is find a home,  give away, and a bag trash.  If there is a bunch of papers on the floor tell yourself that you will go through it but put in a bag.  Make sure you write a time each day that you are going to do it or you will end up like me with a bunch of bags or boxes all over of things you are going to go through.  If it is a bill that has fallen on the floor be sure to put somewhere it does not fall again.  I have lost bills because I put in a box that I will go through which has never been found again.

Ought to organize because you just don’t want to be caught in a fire and no one able to get you out.  It is healthy.  It is what you need to do.  Make time to Give away because if you don’t it will be taken away from you.  I say sometime we may have a disaster: flood, or a fire.  I am not stressing bad things will happen I am saying that we need in the best of light that we need not be so selfish.  I never thought myself as being selfish until I looked around and thought about the things I was wasting my money and time.

Instead there is an adventure out there just waiting for us if we are willing to take a step.  I never farmed before and now I am learning about tomatoes and chickens.  We can make adventures and even if we do not have money we can go to the library and read books.  Or if we do not have that we can always pretend that we are somewhere else.  We can dance with the wolves, Be a Queen of England, or be an astronaut with the adventures going anywhere and with any made up machine.  Just don’t forget we can dream.  We ought to make our lives the best we can be so we can be: adventure.

Parenting: teach children how to pick up after their self and how to be leaders.  It is hard at first but if you do it now you will be rewarded when they are old.  I remember how well behaved some children were.  Their parents were not around and the older children automatically took charge of the younger and took them to their church rooms.  Wow, what parents.

Story starter: My name is Ought too and the door is opening.  There before me was………

As in the picture there is temptation to buy and we ought to think before we buy.  Do I really need it?  It really adds up. Better yet who can I get it for today.


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